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VT Health Practice Portal

In order to achieve the highest level of integration of Fortune Management’s technologies, Fortune Management utilizes a technology called the VT Health Practice Portal by Virtual Training Innovation. This technology maximizes Fortune Management’s coaching systems allowing clients to have 24/7 access to all materials featured throughout the management program.

This cloud based training portal is accessed by all employees at anytime. Training videos and programs make it easy for practices to review and implement management curriculum without the need to leave the office or take employees away from their day job.
Did you know that…

Employees who are engaged are 57% more productive and are 87% less likely to leave than others.

Fortune Management utilizes a streamlined, repeatable system that…
  • Offers extensive training to new hires before they start.
  • Provides consistent training with convenience.
  • Doesn’t interfere with practice production.
Benefits of the VT Health Practice Portal

Access your office anywhere.
VT Health is a complete online training portal, providing private cloud based access to a company’s valuable information.

Say goodbye to painful training.
VT Health is designed to ease the hassle of training a new employee and to ensure the success of that new addition. Training is a never-ending cycle; VT Health makes it easily repeatable.

Create longevity and happiness in your staff.
In addition to simplifying the integration of a new employee, VT Health empowers and motivates employees to expand their knowledge by rewarding their achievements and distinguishing them from their peers.
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