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Executive Coach

Dr. Hema Patel received her dental degree from the New York University College of Dentistry in 2000. She also holds a dental degree from Gujarat University in India. She is a seasoned business executive and medical professional with 20+ years of business development experience in the medical and adventure-business sectors. Recognized as a leading community dentist, a dental practice she purchased experienced a verifiable history of growth and expansion since her tenure as owner dentist. During the ownership, she consistently exceeded budgetary and performance goals and she perfected the art of achieving maximum operational output with minimal resource expenditure.
Dr. Hema Patel is a proud alumni of the ADA’s Institute for Diversity in Leadership where she was trained by the faculty from the Kellogg’s School of Management. Her pivotal work consisted of formulating a series of lectures highlighting oral-systemic connections for the Stanford University School of Medicine with the help of faculty at the Dugoni School of Dentistry. From here, she lead herself to various leadership roles at the California Dental Association and she became a founding president at the Indian Dental Association of Northern California. Her involvement at the leading dental associations is keeping her current with in-depth knowledge of the profession. She is able to deliver superior results through effective communication, team building, negotiations, as well as systems analysis, project management and budget management. Her love for technology made her well versed in the designing, delivering, and aligning of business strategy with established and emerging technologies to optimize business performance.
She sold her accomplished dental practice in 2014 to be able to balance her devotion for clinical and business of dentistry with family life and her passion for adventure travel. She is an avid trekker with deep respect for nature and mountains and a special affection towards Himalaya. She has been on a mission to encourage everyone around her to overcome challenges by pushing their boundaries and finding their “mountain” through her adventure travel company Extollo Adventures. Donating her time and medical expertise to various world-wide service- related programs and campaigns related to ethical and responsible travel are also equally important to her in professionally and personally enriching her life.
Colleagues describe her as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth and influential medical and business expert who can be relied on. She is excited to share her expertise with fellow dentists through the coaching opportunity at Fortune Management.
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